Evolv, climbing shoes.

The guitarist who used to live on a boat.

The piano man.

The piano man.


To move around.

Sunday persuits.

Hi there Jan! I have seen your awesome post on photographersdirectory. Man, you're so good! I love your style! We have the same taste for almost everything -- composition, color, and 'moment' stilling. I love how you trust your guts in taking the photos, and ignore the specs. I also believe the story's more important than the image noise. I see you are in Denmark and lives in Europe. I would love to go there because of your photos. I have a friend, Markus in CPFH now. Hope to hear from you! =)

Hi! First of all: thanks a lot for the kind words! I kinda bumped into the “photographers directory” tumblr by accident and thought like, “what the hell, lets submit something”. So I’m glad you like it, and especially for the particular reasons you’re naming, not just cuz “your pics look cool”. So thanks a lot :)

Anyway, about the Denmark thing: I was living and studying in Copenhagen for a year, last year. So I’m not there anymore, unfortunately. It’s an incredibly inspiring city, and I’ve spent a lot of time wandering around in the city on my own, with my camera around my neck. Hell, if I could do it all over, I’d totally go for it.

So if you ever get the chance, try to spend some time in Copenhagen! It’s not a supertouristic city, but it’s an amazing place if you get to know it better.

I’ll surely check out your blog!

Greetings from Ghent.